Rumormill ’09: Missing (the movie)

We all know about Missing. How Missing is:

Missing is, well, Missing.

-Official A Productions Site

Now- Missing my not be Missing. Due to some disscussions overheard by our friend, T. Rogers (who tipped us off about the Osario Release Date Deal), Missing may actually be in the early stages of casting! On the site, you’ll see the whole Wanted: Actors Deal, and our friend Thomas overheard to execs talking about how these actors could potentially be Missing actors, as well as the position they agreed to, in Love at First Sight, I Hope!. We’ll see what happens, and report back soon. If any of you know stuff, let us know in the comments.

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One Comment on “Rumormill ’09: Missing (the movie)”

  1. ATTENTION: This post is based on Rumors!

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