How to Get In on the Action : A Guided Tour

So- want to post on this blog, All Things A Productions? You’ve came to the right place! In a very fast (and Free!) process, you can be a blogger in no time! Read on to learn how to do it…

(note: if you don’t want to become VERY INVOLVED with A Productions, please don’t sign up!)

1. You need a WordPress account. These are free. Get one here. (When you sign up, you DON’T need a blog. You’ll be posting on this one. Click on the option to just get a username.) Name yourself something like this: apusablogger1 OR apblogger24.

2. Once you have an account, post a comment on this page that has:

1. a link to an example of your work

2. why you should blog

3. We will either email you if we have further questions, or just add you as an author! You should receive an email confirmation.

That’s it!

Please Note: if you do not post content that is great, you will lose your privileges of authoring.


2 Comments on “How to Get In on the Action : A Guided Tour”

  1. The Dude Says:

    You’ve set a very high standard for bloggers. The Dude hopes he can live up to it.

    • Thanks for wanting to join. You have received an email from us with instructions.
      Thanks again!

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