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The Truth About Web-Ads

November 5, 2009

Ads are ads. You see them everywhere. Here’s an example:

As you follow through the gallery, you notice the incredible amount of steps taken. When you give, say, your email, they store it. Even if you don’t complete the deal, THEY WILL STILL EMAIL YOU BOGUS STUFF!
And at the end, look at that stuff. You can’t complete it all! It’s too much!
That is their plan. They get your stuff- then make you quit.
We are going to post a poll related to this topic soon.
We used an ad found at the Web Store of a site that we created for usage in on A Book With No Words Episode.

Hi Everybody! If You Read This, Please Leave A Comment!

November 5, 2009

In order for us to figure out how many people actually read our Blog, we would like for you to simply leave a comment. It can be about anything, just use a valid email. We’ll even give you a prize!

Thanks so much for helping, The A Productions Blog Team

WIN! A Prize For The First Commenter!

November 4, 2009

We want you to like this blog. We really do. So- here’s a chance for somebody to win a prize. I’m not saying what, but somebody- anybody- who comments on this post (you can comment about anything!) will get a prize sent to their email. We will try to do these once a week… so go! Enter your comments! Hurry!!